03 Hands of the Lord

When I wrote this song I wanted it to sound like a celebration. Sometimes I look back upon my life and I can really see God’s presence – through different situations that arose, through opportunities that have come my way, by the way I had the right people around me to help during difficult times.

I wanted to celebrate God’s nurturing hand in my life – not a controlling hand, but a hand that clears the way to my destination, holds my hand when things are tough, and cradles me when I need to feel calm.

When looking at the tree, I realised that my life, although it felt burnt and scarred, still had green leaves growing in it – God’s love, my family’s support, my close friends. Even though it felt like there was only a few small leaves growing at that time, I knew that my life would grow more green as time passed and through the nurturing love of God.

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