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‘I Am Loved’ is a collection of 10 exciting songs. Songs that speak of love, celebration, reflection, prayer and even meditation. A valuable asset to any children’s program or family that wish to ensure their child knows that they are loved unconditionally. ‘I Am Loved’ comes complete with backing tracks for each song. The A5 lyrics booklet (PDF) is bundled free with your purchase.

The NEW Music book with activity resources (launched in October 2016) is packed with great craft and activity ideas to accompany each song, and is ready to download here as a PDF. To save time typing out lyrics you can even download a PowerPoint file with all the song lyrics on slides ready to go.

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Click on each track title in the audio player below to listen to the recording. Songs are available as an album with recordings and instrumental backing tracks and as a sheet music book. You can read more about each song below.

Album Song list

Sometimes we forget that something as simple as saying hello to one another can brighten our days. Some of us are scared to make contact with others around us and by saying hello as a group we can do this more confidently.

The “Hello Song” is a great way to get the attention of the kids (and adults!) when you first come together. There is no accompaniment which allows everyone to listen and participate easily. You can make up actions to help children to remember the meaning of the song.

Our lives are a chance to get in there, be involved and get messy. Whether we are children, young adults, adults or seniors it’s good to remember that we are all made to love, to create and to express! Sometimes in children we see how natural creativity is to us as humans and we can learn about ourselves by encouraging this in them.

This song is a fun song to sing together. It aims to help the singer connect to their body, noticing their hands, their heart, their voice, and the potential that exists within them as a person – without anything else, they are already worth so much!

There are lots of simple things that we can do to celebrate life, love and God. In every activity of every day, there is a chance to celebrate the life we have been given and to be grateful for the fact that we are loved unconditionally by God.

Often within a community of people there is a range of personalities – some very willing to participate, while others are more hesitant to join in. This song aims to give everyone a turn at expressing things that are individual to them, hopefully leading to a greater understanding of each person.

Depending on the size of the group and how much time you have, you may like to ask 3 or 4 different people to participate each time.

You are made in the likeness of God. God can be seen and experienced by others through the words you speak and the actions you take. In the happy times, the hard times, the quiet times and the busy times, God is still shining through in you!

We live busy lives these days and a very important part of spiritual practice is taking time to just sit and be quiet. The “Meditation Song” was written to remind us to take a breath and relax. It’s a great song to sing after a lot of activity to enable those participating to be ready to listen to a story or simply for some quiet time.

This song is all about feelings. It reminds us to listen to our feelings and to care for others. We can share in each others joy, give comfort in times of sadness and trust our heart to guide us in all that we do. Everyone can join in the actions and show their angry, sad and happy faces as they sing along.

“Song of Prayer” is intended to be a simple introduction to prayer for children (or those unfamiliar with the practice of prayer). A chance to think of others that are in need, a chance to reflect on your home life and the world around you, and a chance to check in with yourself.

In the presence of children it is easy to see how each and every one of us is truly beautiful. What better message to send to our children, and to each other, that we are loved and that God intended us to be just as we are.

A simple, blessing song to express thanks for the time that has been shared together, to remember that we have all contributed to this experience and to remind ourselves that we can cherish these feelings until we meet again.


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