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‘Full of the Spirit’ is my 2019 release of songs that have been written for use in multi-generational settings. This year (2019) I have been lucky enough to hold the position of ‘Musician in Residence’ at Adamstown Uniting Church, and have worked alongside Rev. Dr Rod Pattenden to develop new songs that reflect the theology and focus of this church. In creating these songs I have endeavoured to bring new language to important stories and traditions, with the hope of passing them on to the next generation. With memorable and accessible melodies, I hope you enjoy singing along! Thank you to Adamstown Uniting Church and Adamstown Arts, who have supported the release of this album!

MP3 recordings, sheet music, Power Points and lyric videos complete this collection. The lyric videos are also available to purchase directly on Vimeo. This resource has been developed with lyric subtitles that progress while the recording plays, to make it easy for groups or congregations to sing along to, even if there is no resident musician.

Click on each track title in the audio player below to listen to the recording. Songs are available as an album collection, a music book (with lead sheets and piano and vocal scores), lyric videos to sing along with Heather, and a lyrics PowerPoint. You can read a brief description of each song below.

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As a society, we have less and less opportunities to sing together. Even during the national anthem, or ‘Happy Birthday’, it can be difficult to get voices REALLY singing. This song was written to be used at the beginning of a service or gathering, to bring together, and glue together, the people who are there. The words ‘hey’ and ‘ha’ are words that naturally get our voices projecting and when we make a good sound together, there is no escaping the wonderful feeling that follows!

This song is a celebration of one of the greatest things that I have taken from learning Jesus’ story – that death doesn’t have to be an ending. Death can be another stage of our lives and relationships, and we can always carry the spirit of those we love, with us.

A feminine image of God brings such wonderful images of mothering and caring. It also allows us to see that often this ‘mothering’ role can go unnoticed or undervalued, although such a hugely supportive role within life. When I think of God as creation around me, mother-nature, if you will, I can see that I so often take for granted the amazing things that I have been gifted within the world around me. I now realise that I can give back to this mother too.

When writing this song, I took ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and wrote my own phrases to bring each line into a current context. I wanted to give new life to this sacred prayer and to help pass these words on to another generation.

In contemplating the Easter story and its meaning with my children, something that really stood out to me was how some people stood by Jesus at this very difficult point in his life. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give each other is to be there during life’s hardest moments, and carry the cross together.

Let’s sing about the Jesus who questioned, who turned our thinking upside down, and who let himself react passionately! We are often fed an image of a polite and mild-mannered Jesus, but what happens if we see ourselves in the radical Jesus?

A simple song to remind us that we are so lucky to have food and water available to us, and to pray that we won’t just be filled by food, but also by grace and love.

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful garden that allows my family to grow beautiful vegetables and fruit, plus gorgeous flowers that attract beautiful bees and birds. Some of these trees we have seen grow from seed or from sapling. This is quite an incredible experience as such a strong tree can come from such a tiny seed. When I look at these beautiful trees and flowers, I can see they are all different. They are not perfect, but they are all so incredible. Just as we are – beautiful just the way we are grown.

I wrote this song to accompany ‘The Parable of the Sower’. I love the message here that we must be ‘soft’ enough to allow growth and understanding. That if we can be open to others then love can come to us too. Allow the roots to run deep!

To start a new year with our ‘intergenerational’ service, we had a theme of ‘New Beginnings’. The reading of Philippians 4 was used to bring a positive focus towards the year that lay ahead. I wrote this song to accompany this theme and to help us keep coming back to a hopeful and joyful outlook in services to come.

A song to send everybody out with hope and determination, to take on the week ahead with positivity and support.


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