Heather has composed since starting her own band at the age of 14. Through the years, her writing style has morphed to suit the various musical ensembles that she has worked with.

Heather’s interest for composing her own music began at a young age, as she watched her father arranging pieces for his Jazz Big Band, and as he composed pieces to help his clarinet and sax students learn about syncopation. It was a natural concept for Heather, that if you play music, read music and listen to it, then you can also write it.

At the age of 14, Heather started writing her first songs for her original rock band, Silent Scream, and performed and recorded these songs as part of various high school rock competitions around the state of NSW. She also started arranging rock versions of Christmas Carols at this age (to attempt to make Christmas “cooler” for both herself and her friends.

From these beginnings, Heather went on to compose rock songs for Australian act The Good, contemporary songs of faith for her church congregation, instrumental pieces for her Double and Electric Bass students and children’s songs for her own daughters and their friends.

Heather is a licensed songwriter with CCLI. Heather hopes that her songs can give a voice to progressive spirituality, by using language and music that can be understood, accepted and enjoyed by more than just Christians, but also those who consider themselves people of “faith and spirituality”.

You can listen to and purchase Heather’s songs by visiting the music store. Heather hopes to also have her Double and Electric bass pieces available from the music store very soon.

Newcastle Music Festival performer Heather Price was born to make music

My Lord’s Prayer

Song for Joseph