Is it possible the HSC is a bit like life…?

Is it possible the HSC is a bit like life…?

I have just had the pleasure of accompanying the last of my HSC students for their practical exams.

I have at least one student (more often than not 3-5 students) per year that are preparing for their HSC music exam. It is something that I enjoy being involved with. After all, it is always great when a student has a goal, and more often than not they produce greatness with the deadline in sight.

It occurred to me this year that each year, about 3 weeks out from the exam I have a recurring dream that I am walking into my own HSC exam and trying to convince the examiners that I have already done my HSC and have no need to be there.

It left me wondering if I am putting too much pressure on myself towards these exams. My role is really just to teach the songs and then accompany for some of them, and yet, subconsciously I obviously feel that I am being examined too!

Today as I was leaving the last of my students exams I rethought this though. The relationship between student and teacher is special.Read more