From 12th October, 2020 Heather Price Music Tuition will be launching an innovative music e-School. The initial ‘Learn To Sing! Kids’ course offers the chance to access high quality singing lessons, in the comfort of your own home and at an affordable price.

This course is supported by the NSW Government through the support of Create NSW.

To register for Heather’s ‘Learn to Sing! Kids’ course visit the Music eSchool website

Who is the ‘Learn to Sing! Kids’ Course for?

  • Primary school aged students anywhere in the world.
  • Kids who want to try something new and learn at their own pace.
  • Kids who would like to get started on singing lessons while they wait for a time slot for face-to-face lessons to become available.
  • Students who live in remote areas who might not otherwise be able to access singing lessons from a trained and qualified teacher.
  • Busy families who want the flexibility to schedule lessons at a time that suits them and their child
  • Kids who would like to build their confidence before singing for a teacher, face-to-face.

Course description

In the ‘Learn to Sing! Kids’ course, primary school aged students will learn two songs, singing exercises and singing techniques that help to produce healthy singing. Within the course there will be two opportunities for students to submit videos to Heather for direct, individualised feedback on how they’re progressing with their singing.

This course will be the first in an ongoing series, which means that students who enjoy ‘Learn To Sing! Kids’ can continue to the next learning module. With expert consultation from the wonderful Dr. Jennifer Barnes of ‘Voice Working’ this course will be thorough, rewarding and fun.

Course fee

eCourses will be less than half the cost of individual lessons and students will be able to use their NSW Creative Kids Voucher to pay for the majority of the course fee. The course is discounted this term to only $100 (usually $165) for the term, and the NSW Creative Kids Voucher can be used to pay this fee if you haven’t used it already this year.

You can register your child today by registering at the eschool website or emailing Heather and pay either by Bank Transfer/PayPal/Creative Kids Voucher any time before October 12th 2020.

Course time commitment

The total time required to complete each week’s learning materials should be no more than 20 minutes.

Each week there will be 3 short video lessons to watch (approx. 3 minutes each). There will also be 1 singing exercise recording supplied for students to practice with and 1 song recording for students to sing with. Some weeks will also include a short and fun quiz. Students can practice with the materials as often as they would like to, and even download the recordings to continue practicing with after they have completed that week of work.

Apart from having 10 weeks to complete the 8 weeks of lessons, there is no other time restrictions as to how quickly you need to complete the course.

More information

For more information about the course please contact Heather.

For the latest eSchool news follow Heather Price Music Tuition on facebook.


Learn to Sing introduction video