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New album – Full of the Spirit!

I am very happy to say that my new album ‘Full Of The Spirit’ is now available for purchase from my website store and iTunes. The official Newcastle launch will be at a workshop at Adamstown Uniting Church on 29th September, but those lucky folks attending the ‘Common Dreams’ festival this week will get to… Continue Reading


Sometimes I look at the way we are encouraged to live our lives in today’s society, and see that we are encouraged to give all that we can to our children. We are encouraged to earn enough that they won’t go without, but still have time to be emotionally engaged and then make sure they… Continue Reading

The beach as a church

Since the start of January, I have been getting up at 6am, twice a week, to head to my favourite local beach (Bar Beach) for a run and a swim. This idea was born out of my desire to gain fitness and lose some kilos, and to perhaps also conquer my slight fear of the… Continue Reading

Racist Skin

I wrote this song over 10 years ago. At the time, I had just had an encounter with a “friend” who had decided to tell me of all the reasons why he would never let his daughter (who at the time was 6) date a boy of another ethnic background to his own – which… Continue Reading

Too Darn Hot

While playing some tunes with the Dungeon Big Band at rehearsal last night, it occurred to me how energy-giving music can be. “Too Darn Hot” (Ella Fitzgerald version), was the particular song we were playing when this thought came to me. When I was learning this song I was on a plane full of people,… Continue Reading

The Humanity of Classical Music and the Church

If you’re in Newcastle (NSW), the Newcastle Music Festival has commenced and runs until 21st August – go and have a listen, and dare to clap when the time is right! It’s no secret that a lot of community centres are struggling to continue these days. From churches to community outreach programs, from opera… Continue Reading

Ride the Road with Me

I have just returned from a bike ride in the winter sun. Somehow I was lucky enough to score an entire afternoon free of work, children and any other distractions. I was faced with the internal question of, “do I sleep, or do I get out and be active?” The way my children sleep, leaves… Continue Reading