The Humanity of Classical Music and the Church

The Humanity of Classical Music and the Church

If you’re in Newcastle (NSW), the Newcastle Music Festival has commenced and runs until 21st August – go and have a listen, and dare to clap when the time is right!

It’s no secret that a lot of community centres are struggling to continue these days. From churches to community outreach programs, from opera houses to bowling clubs.

The struggle to connect as a community is real. I’m sure it has always been there, but perhaps once upon a time the act of connecting as a community didn’t have to compete with television and the other media that entice us to stay home these days.

Two of those community areas that I am involved with are church and music.

Both are heavily embedded in our western history and yet both seem to be struggling to connect with the population and struggling to stay relevant to current society.This is my perception of these mediums from a generalised and “overall” view.

Yet, I have found, when experienced at a personal level both are often well received and most often welcomed.Read more