Nature to Nurture

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

This week, to accompany the gospel lectionary reading (The Parable of The Weeds), I’m making my song ‘Nature to Nurture’ available as a single ( – mp3, sheet music and lyrics).

I wrote this song to respond to the many references that Jesus makes to nature and plants, and to also write within the space of environmental theology. Within this song, I felt a connection between God caring for each of us, and then our own ability to reflect the face of God by caring for other people and our planet around us.

When my family moved two and a half years ago, we inherited a beautiful garden. It has given me the chance to learn about what is needed to care for plants and the beautiful response you can get from a garden when love, care and attention is given.
I love this analogy when applied in a theological sense – God as the gardener, and we the plants that can thrive within God’s love and care.

Single (mp3, sheet music, lyrics)
Video (lyrics on video)