‘Come To The Feast’

‘Come to the Feast’ is a new song that I am releasing on VIMEO this week!

This song came about after attending a wonderful conference last year, called ‘Common Dreams’. The conference featured amazing speakers from around the world, and from many backgrounds (including Creation Spiritualism, Judaism, Indigenous, LGBTIQ, Uniting Church, Anglican and more). There was a focus at this conference of how our faith can exist and grow around issues such as our environment, justice and respect for indigenous peoples, and inclusion of all people (particularly looking at the inclusion and celebration of the LGBTIQ community).

I came away from the conference brimming with ideas, and convinced that we need to come together for the common good, much more often! There was so much acceptance, so much talking and listening, so much growth, that happened within this conference. Is this what we can really get out of communion together? Coming together with food and drink, to sharing in each others lives, to listen to each other and to provide a space where ALL are invited and welcomed. This is an exciting and liberating space to be in.

I hope you find hope, joy and strength within this song.