Sometimes I look at the way we are encouraged to live our lives in today’s society, and see that we are encouraged to give all that we can to our children. We are encouraged to earn enough that they won’t go without, but still have time to be emotionally engaged and then make sure they have the resources they need to succeed in their education and growth.

All of this often comes at a cost to ourselves and to the world around us. Whether it is because we are forced into a driving frenzy to get everyone where they need to be, while missing as little work time as possible, or buying more than is actually needed, just so we are sure that our family won’t go without.

But what I want for my kids more than anything is for this beautiful world that we live in to still be beautiful, safe and habitable, throughout their lifetime. I want to pass onto them a healthy world. Without this, everything else is worthless.

I wrote ‘Always’ reflecting on this.